Reading Gurmukhi learning journey to help learn more punjabi

Reading Gurmukhi learning journey to help learn more punjabi


  • Dry erase marker
  • Interest in learning Gurmukhi


Reading Gurmukhi learning journey to help learn more punjabi: A chance to practice together the letter sounds of the Gurmukhi alphabet

  • In this course the intention is to provide anyone who is interested in not only learning the letter sounds of Gurmukhi but if you want to teach others then you can use this collection of videos to teach and practice together.  Another benefit is that you can pause and rewind the learning moments together as well.  
  • In this course the 35 letters are quickly introduced and demonstrated.  In this course I am mostly focusing on the letter sounds for us to move on to combining them and reading Gurmukhi in later courses. 
  • The vowel sounds are also demonstrated with a dry erase marker.
  • The hope is that you will be able to gain more confidence in your abilities to read Gurmukhi and slowly move your way up to reading Gurbani and feel the vibrations from reading the writings in Gurmukhi.
  • This video course will have a circle under the letters for me to first model the pronunciation of the word  and then I will be touching the circle again to give you a chance to say it aloud as well.
  • Once you are able to say the letter sounds confidently then we can move on to combining the letter sounds in 2 letter combinations.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in practicing the ability to read Gurmukhi


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