Reiki Zero

Reiki Zero


  • An open mind and an internet connection.


What you’ll learn

  • The physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of Reiki
  • Understand Reiki’s origins and history
  • Learn examples of different energy healing modalities
  • Gain insight on what a reiki session feels like for the practitioner and the patient
  • Understand different experiences that may happen during some healing sessions
  • Understand what energy is and gain understanding of life force energy
  • Identify the energy layers of the human body
  • Detailed information of what are energy body is made of
  • Knowledge of why chakras are an important part of Reiki healing
  • Locate where the 7 chakras in your body are
  • Understand the purpose of each chakra
  • Gain insight on the colors associated with each chakra
  • Identify the five principles of Reiki and how they can benefit your life
  • An introduction of Reiki symbols
  • Learn techniques to protect your energy field to help you live energetically clean
  • Learn positive mantras and visualization techniques that raise your vibration
  • Understand what a Reiki attunement is
  • Learn what meditation is and how it benefits you
  • Understand instructions to practice meditating and learn why it is an important part of energy healing
  • Understand what channeling is and how it plays a part in energy healing
  • Identify what tools can be used in conjunction with Reiki therapy
  • Learn what can be beneficial to have in your healing room
  • Learn what grounding is and techniques you can use to stay grounded

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to understand what energy healing is and how it works.
  • Anyone curious about Reiki.
  • Beginner energy healers who would like an in depth education of what energy is and how it can help heal the human body.
  • Anyone how wants to know the history of Reiki and what is involved in practicing it.
  • Anyone that would like to learn how to live energetically clean.


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