Remote Sales Over Zoom, Skype, Phone, Or Teleconference

Remote Sales Over Zoom, Skype, Phone, Or Teleconference


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Learn what it takes to succeed at remote sales:

  • Scripts to have the calls well
  • Negotiation scripts and options
  • What to wear on remote sales calls
  • How to create a nice physical background instead of weird Zoom-style backgrounds
  • Scripts to close the sale
  • Handling sales objections so they don’t stand in your way


Years ago, salespeople used to travel to other companies to meet and carry out sales meetings. But that’s becoming a relic of the past. Today, most sales calls are done over services like Zoom, Skype, or WebEx.

In this course, I’ll walk you through all the elements you need to feel confident, know what to do, know how to behave, and even know when the ideal times are to schedule your calls.


I sell a B2B product to small and mid-size businesses, and I have a number of sales calls per week. Instead of building out a bulky sales team, over time I learned how to decipher which leads are potentially profitable, and only get on calls with those. I’ve also figured out how to increase my sales conversion rates, negotiate profitably, and generate 6-figures per year, all selling remotely, being a 1-person team.

In this course, I’ll show you how to replicate my success, and help you sell your products or services.

Invest in your future! Enroll today.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who needs to sell remotely over Zoom or Skype



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