Resistance Training: The complete guide

Resistance Training: The complete guide


  • Fluent english
  • Keen interest in resistance training


This course provides you with an evidence-based approach to resistance training. It provides you with a thorough understanding of the principles of adaptation and takes you through all the variables in a resistance training program – these are:

– Exercises (which exercises should your program contain?)

– Frequency (how many times per week should you work out?)

– Volume (how much work should you do for a muscle group every week?)

–  Intensity (how much weight should you be using?)

– Intraworkout recovery (how long recovery time is needed between sets?)

– Exercise order (in which order should you do the exercises in your training program?)

– Variation (when and how should you apply variations to your program?)

– Warmup (how should you warm up for resistance training?)

– Technique (how should you perform your exercises to optimize progression and minimize injury risk?)

– Recovery (which factors affect recovery rate and how can you speed up your recovery rate?)

– Periodization (how do you break through plateaus and plan for the longer term?)

These are the most important tools in your toolbox when designing your resistance training program and when exercising and recovering.

I wish to keep my course up-to-date and relevant to everyone who purchases it, so please provide feedback and feel free to suggest subjects that may further improve the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who’s interested in the science of resistance training or looking to optimize their training

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