Retirement Planning Wealth Building Tax Strategies

Retirement Planning Wealth Building Tax Strategies


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This course helps low-income to middle-income taxpayers find and implement alternative investment opportunities.  There are Securities Exchange Commission SEC-approved investment platforms where you can invest $10 monthly and hold a percentage of the real estate as collateral. Of course, the more you invest, the more your ROI will be, but not always. Investing comes with risk. This course helps you find and create low-risk investments, low monthly investment options, and high returns.

Automatic investing is the way to go when money is tight, and you are concerned with maintaining your monthly commitment to investing.  You can use alternative investment platforms if your job does not provide a 401K plan.  You can also use alternative investments to subsidize your retirement income.

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The course shares insight on new high-tech platforms where you can set it and forget it while your money grows over the months and years. Compound interest is a miracle event and can render you wealth after two or three decades of consistent investing.

There are two significant problems. The first problem is that many investors skip a month because money is tight. Not okay. 

The course quickly shows investors that auto-investing may be the way to go. Some high-tech online platforms can help you automatically increase your wealth over time.

Secondly, low-income to middle-income taxpayers are not always aware of the new and improved online investing options.

This course will provide ideas on easy ways to create income for investing without upsetting your monthly cash flow.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for low to middle income taxpayers who are concerned with retirement income
  • This course is also for people who have little money to invest.
  • This course lends itself to helping low-income individuals create monthly income for investing using free resources



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