Scoliosis Management Online Course

Scoliosis Management Online Course


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Scoliosis is a common spinal deformity which is defined as ‘A sideways bending of the spine greater than 10 degrees, accompanied by vertebral rotation’. This condition affects up to 5% of the general population and it happens more in females than males. The aim of this online course is to offer professional knowledge of scoliosis clinical management, delivered by an experienced physiotherapist.

Learning objectives of this course:

Understand scoliosis and the prevalence
A multidisciplinary approach management
Clinical guidelines and recommendation
Physiotherapy management and research evidence

The course is divided into three sessions.

Session 1: Introduction, prevalence and diagnosis of scoliosis
Session 2: Treatment guidelines of scoliosis and research evidence
Session 3: Prognosis of scoliosis

Scoliosis is a fairly common and extremely treatable condition. Non-surgical management can be effective, efficient, and valuable tools for the management of scoliosis as well as other spine structural changes. The content of this course provides extensive clinical experience and scientific research for the course participants, it includes standard treatment guidelines and recommendations according to the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) and The International Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT). The content should be suitable for the general public as well as healthcare professionals, no particular healthcare knowledge is required for attending the course. This course is also for education and training to healthcare professionals in order to build a geographically- and professionally- diverse community of specialists to provide high-quality, non-operative patient care.

** Important remark: This course is for comprehensive knowledge about Scoliosis management, actual exercise demonstration is not included because different patients should have different types of exercise prescription, no one set of exercise fits all.

Who this course is for:

  • People with scoliosis
  • The parents of individuals with scoliosis
  • Primary and Secondary school teachers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Physiotherapists


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