Scrum Master Certification Practice Exam – Scrum Guide 2020

Scrum Master Certification Practice Exam – Scrum Guide 2020


This course is designed to help you prepare for your Scrum Master certification exams like PSM, CSM by providing a challenging and comprehensive practice test. The practice exam includes multiple-choice questions, divided into three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and advanced. Questions are based on Scrum Guide 2020 and contain direct and scenario-based questions which are asked in actual exams. Each question is carefully crafted to test your understanding of the Scrum framework and its application in real-world scenarios. The questions are equally divided into different categories, including Scrum roles, events, artifacts, and general Scrum knowledge.

For each question, you will be presented with four answer options, and you must select one or more correct options. The correct options are clearly marked, and detailed explanations are provided to help you understand the reasoning behind each answer. This will not only help you identify any knowledge gaps but also deepen your understanding of the Scrum framework.

Whether you are preparing for your Scrum Master certification exam or simply looking to improve your knowledge of Scrum, this practice exam is an excellent resource. By the end of the course, you will have gained a deeper understanding of Scrum and be better equipped to pass your certification exam.

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers, engineers, and testers who want to enhance their understanding of Scrum and Agile practices to improve their work processes and productivity.
  • Project managers, team leads, and Scrum Masters who are responsible for managing Agile projects and teams and want to learn about Scrum and its principles.
  • Product Owners who want to learn about Scrum and how to manage the Product Backlog effectively.
  • Individuals who are preparing for Scrum certification exams such as Professional Scrum Master (PSM) or Certified Scrum Master (CSM).
  • Students or professionals who are new to Agile and Scrum and want to learn the fundamentals of Agile software development.


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