Secrets Of Wisdom (Law Of Attraction)

Secrets Of Wisdom (Law Of Attraction)


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Secrets Of Wisdom (Law Of Attraction)

I Shilpa S your Mind, Wellness and Mind Coach welcome you for my Secrets Of Wisdom (Law Of Attraction).

Our Subconscious mind which is also known as “Power House of Memory” establishes the direct connection with the Universal Life energy while making any decisions.

How this is done?

Why Law Of Attraction is not working for you?

How to cleanse you Subconscious Mind for better connection?

How to remove the Law Of Attraction Blocks?

Secrets to attain the desired life by attracting this Universal Life Energy in abundance…

These are the contributions of this course by me. Hope you make use of it to the maximum, Thank you..!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Each and everyone who are interested in Life


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