Self-Massage to Improve Blood Circulation

Self-Massage to Improve Blood Circulation


  • I designed this self-massage course to be easily understood by beginners. You don’t need any specific knowledge in order to start learning this course.


This is a full course of Self-Massage to Improve Blood Circulation. This course is contains 16 lectures and 32 minutes of video.

The main objective of this course is to teach that you can help prevent many diseases and ailments yourself.

This Self-Massage technique can be combined with other cosmetic procedures and other massage techniques: can be combined with abdominal massage and can be used as part of the Massage Treatments for Cellulite massage.

Massage does not require anything, you will only need to use your hands.

This the Self-Massage course is easily understood by beginners.

This Self-Massage can be done by everyone for themselves and does not have any negative effects.

After these courses, you can significantly improve your blood circulation. You will feel much better, will look more beautiful. You will be able to avoid bad illnesses and diseases.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for you. If you are busy, don’t have time or opportunity to exercise a few times a week, as sitting too long at a computer, a lot of travelling. If you have cold feet and toes, cold hands and fingers – and not just in winter, your body feels swollen and your legs seem to grow heavy. This course is not for you, if you regularly see massage therapists. If you have enlarged leg veins, if you have an acute heart failure, blood vessel thrombosis, osteomyelitis or any oncological condition.


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