Simple Stories For Great Wisdom From a Visual Story Teller

Simple Stories For Great Wisdom From a Visual Story Teller


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Simple Stories for great Wisdom is a Class designed to Provoke your inner child towards freedom and Happiness.

This course will deal with the Five most important concepts in Life Such as “FEAR” “STRESS” “COMFORT ZONE” “LIMITED THINKING” and your “COMPARING ATTITUDE” deeply through a storytelling approach.

You, Will, learn every chapter in the form of a Story and there is an activity at the end of every Story which you will need to sit down and complete.

This course is intended to help you think deeply about yourself and to know more about the life you really wanted.

If you can know that there is more to life then you will learn how to see things from a very different Perspective and this course will help you to do it.

So what Stories are told in this course?

1)The Story of Fear and how you should understand Fear to overcome it

2) The story of your Comfort zone and how to push yourself above it to achieve real Freedom

3)The story about the Stress bucket and why there will be always SALT in your Life

4)The Story of Limited Thinking and how you should be a LIMITLESS THINKER

5)The Story of Comparison and Why YOU SHOULD NEVER COMPARE.

Take your Time to go slow to move fast for Life is a marathon and not a Sprint.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in Self Development
  • Students who want to live a more fulfilled life

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