Sketch a Foreshortened Female Nude

Sketch a Foreshortened Female Nude


  • Basic sketching using pencils or pens/inks


Do you find nude figure drawing as one of the intimidating topics?

Do you think a figure with severe foreshortening is next to impossible to draw?

Well, not anymore after this course!

In this course we will learn to draw a very foreshortened female nude form.

What we will cover?

1. Breaking down the figure into manageable shapes.

2. Penciling the nude female figure, handling foreshortening.

3. Final sketch using pens and brush pens (tips included in using graphite as well).

What materials will I need?

A blank paper and a pencil is the minimum you will need. If you happen to use technical pens and brush pens, excellent! If not, no worries, you can still do this sketch using pencils / charcoal pencils.

Who this course is for:

  • You should be interested in visual arts
  • You should be interested in drawing / painting human figures

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