Soccer individual training at home

Soccer individual training at home
Training alone with the minimum of equipment at home and stay fit in soccer


Soccer Individual Training at Home is a course about how you can train yourself in minimum space . It is about 90 minutes video information with audio comments an subtiters.I show you how it is possible to noticeable increase your personal technique in soccer .You can train absolutely alone in a small area and with the minimum of equipement. You just need soccer ball, coins or chips and the desire to be the best. This course is for both children and adults. All depends of the dosage, so the time and number of repetition. For children the intensity can not be hight. For must do all the exercises intensively if you are adult or professional to have the best feedback. I divided the cours in parts.Fist of all i explain what is warm up and the need of!The first part is ball mastery where i showed which part of the foot may be used if you want to have a good soccer technique. Here there are 10 exercises!The second part is ball control an dribling.There 13 skills for  having good dribling.

I showed how to drible changing direction ,start stop with the ball. The third part is pass with the inside part of the foot. I explain all the steps for a good pass, the variations of this skill. I demonstrated some exercises you can do simply using a wall. In the last part another part, i you will know more about kicking on the goal. I firstly explain explain what is the common mistake the children do when shouting. You can discover some exercise to train the shouts. The head kick is a magnific skill in soccer. Very usefull for defenders and attaquant players. I demonstrated the technique for both. When a defender want to sen the ball away an how must play the forward trying to score with the head. I comment all the exercise so that you can the maximum from this course.If you are soccer coach you can take exercise from each part of my course and make complex training sessions. You can organise you trainings as you want. For example you can divide them in four weeks:One week ,Ball Mastery-Second week, Ball Controle- Third week,Pass- fourth week for shouting. Thanks to these exercises you will alway fell very fit and get pleasure playing football. I did all my best to make this course in english in order to have a large audience. I m sure by purchasing my course you will increase your level in soccer.

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