SOLIDWORKS: NASA OV-120 Space Shuttle

SOLIDWORKS: NASA OV-120 Space Shuttle


  • Basic knowledge of Solidworks is required such as knowledge of Planes, extrusions, loft/boundary, mirror, spline, split line etc.
  • You must have a Solidworks Software to proceed. I’d say 2014 or newer will work.


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This course is put very well and made sure it matches the actual NASA OV-120 design. Lectures are explained with an easy approach to make sure no one gets confused in its process of making.

A detailed course with step by step following. Each section is recorded in parts so its easy to understand. Take your time and don’t rush.

Learning surface modelling can be challenging but I made sure all the steps involved in making are slow and steady. So you can grasp knowledge of what is being done.

Major and minor details have been put so you understand how 3D modeling works. This course is advance version so make sure you know how solid modelling is done. Use of split lines, decals have been used to make the model accurate.

This course is not just for those who are into aerospace field but also for anyone interested in knowing the design process of a space shuttle. The course will put an impact on your future career as majority of the engineering firms require 3D modeling skills to be a part of your portfolio.

The course is recorded on a Solidworks 2020. Any questions on this course will be answered so you don’t get stuck in between the lectures.

Who this course is for:

  • It can be anyone who wants to know how Surface Modelling is achieved
  • Someone who knows about Solid Modeling and are looking to invest time learning about Surface modelling which will make them gain knowledge and experience what it takes to design a NASA OV-120 using surface modelling
  • Students who get assigned by universities to design space shuttle model but don’t have any clue on how its done.


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