Spanish for travel

Spanish for travel


  • Basic or none knowledge of Spanish


Hola! my name is Carolina, I am a professional Spanish teacher from Argentina with more than 8 years of experience.

I have created this course for those who are planing a trip to a Spanish speaking country.

If you are going on vacation in Spain, Latin America or any Spanish-speaking country then you should know at least some Spanish for your trip. When traveling to these countries you will be immersed in Spanish as soon as you leave the touristic areas. Our course is designed to assist you with communicating with the local Spanish speaking population.

Here are some advantages of learning travel Spanish.

  • You can communicate directly with the locals much more easily and it is much easier to make new friends when you can speak the local language.
  • Cost of items: When paying for an item or bartering you need to understand what a sales person is telling you or negotiate a price.
  • Directions: Left or right at the corner? When traveling to new places you will invariably have to ask for directions and be able to understand them.
  • Interpreting conversation: With our personal Spanish classes you get to practice with a native teacher honing your Spanish, so you can feel confident when you step off the plane!
  • Our travel Spanish course option focuses less on the rules of grammar and more on the basics of what you need to know to make your vacation a memorable one.

See you there!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, intermediate


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