Squarespace Tutorial | How To Build A Squarespace Website

Squarespace Tutorial | How To Build A Squarespace Website


  • You will need to have a Squarepsace website (A premium account is highly reccommended)
  • A basic understanding of how to create an account with Squarespace


How To Create An Effective Squarespace Website from Scratch With No Coding or Design Skills

Squarespace is a great resource for anyone to start a website from scratch with very little to no coding experience. Nonetheless, for those who have never developed a website before and particularly for individuals who are not tech savvy, this course aims to breakdown the fundamentals to Squarespace web design.

By the end of this course you should be proficient in how to skillfully create attractive and effective Squarespace websites quickly and easily. This course takes you throught the practical elemts of designing a Squarespace website as well as the more technical elements such as manapulating your Squarespace settings to achieve your desired website outcomes whether you are a restuarant owner trying to promote your business or a musician trying to promote your music, during this course you will discover features within Squarespace that you can make use of to help you to achieve the website that you are looking to create.

Yes, Squarespace is one of the most powerful tools available on the internet for you to create a website from scratch. However if you are not using this tool to it’s best ability you limit your chances of getting the most out of your Squarespace website.

During this course you will learn how to:

  • Create a Squarespace website from scratch
  • Use the design features available within Squarespace
  • Understand all of the settings available
  • Use the Email Marketing Features to effectiely drive sales
  • Edit the different types of pages available within Squarespace

This course aims to help you to understand the mechanics behind creating an effective Squaresace website from start to finish. It is ideal if you are looking to create a website for yourself or on behalf of clients.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to website design
  • Those who are currently struggling to get their website off the ground as they are finding Squarespace challenging
  • Beginners to using Squarespace


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