Statistics for Everyone

Statistics for Everyone


  • No need to have any statistical knowledge.


This is a free course which created by Onur Baltacı for teaching everyone the basics of statistics. This course is for everyone who is into statistics or who will be taking a statistic course. The concepts we explore in this course is :

  1. Data Types
  2. Measurement Levels
  3. Mean
  4. Mode
  5. Median
  6. Standard Deviation
  7. Variance
  8. Normal Distribution
  9. Central Limit Theorem
  10. Frequency
  11. Range
  12. Quartiles
  13. Percentiles
  14. Interquile Range
  15. Z Value
  16. Hypothesis Testing
  17. T Distribution
  18. Confidence Interval
  19. Introductionary Linear Regression

This course is completely free and you can enroll the course whenever you want and you can have lifetime access to it. By taking this course you will be creating the base knowledge for any statistics course or you will have the fundamentals for studying the field of data science or machine learning. This course also prevents some real life examples so after taking this course you can make analysis of some data which is located around you and use the formulas in statistics on your daily life. Since this course is really short, you will be covering all the concepts without investing a lot time on it. This course is perfect for students who will be taking statistics course. Feel free to ask anything about course on questions section on the udemy. So if you are interested in this field, go and enroll to this course now !

Who this course is for:

  • Into statistics, Into data science


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