Synergy Strength- Home Workout System

Synergy Strength- Home Workout System


  • No gym required. All you will need is a single resistance band and 45 minutes a week.
  • No exercise experience necessary.


More muscle and less fat in just minutes? I imagine you’re skeptical. I would be too.

But this is the real deal. Just one hour a week is the most you’ll ever need.

I know because it’s what I used to get into the best shape of my life at the age of 40, with two young kids, while working more than full-time.

I needed the most efficient workout in the world. So, I researched, iterated, and created exactly that.

You might be asking how this is possible.

This program combines only the most effective exercise methodologies in a synergistic way to create high intensity workouts that, despite pushing nearly every muscle you’ve got to failure, only take minutes to complete.

It comes down to consistently applying the safest and most effective methodologies with intelligence and intensity.

And the best part is that you won’t just get a four-month, phased program, you’ll get a blueprint for how to create your own programs. Because this isn’t just a program, it’s a system for getting results. And, as a professional teacher, I designed the curriculum so that you’ll do the workouts, get the results, and learn the system.

I don’t just want you to look good and be healthy. I want you to be independent. So, I designed the last last exercise program you’ll ever need to buy.

Here’s what you’ll get:

– A four-phase, four-month exercise program that you can do entirely at home regardless of how busy you are
– Nutritional guidance including what and how much to eat while doing the program
– Two easy ways to track your progress so you can watch yourself get stronger and slimmer
– Over six hours of video instruction including all of the exercises and follow along workouts
– A guide to the very few high return supplements including dosage recommendations
– The knowledge and elements needed to design a lifetime’s worth of exercise programs

This is a truly one-of-a-kind exercise program. I’m not a fitness influencer. I’m not trying to sell you my supplements or a membership to my gym. I’m just a really busy dad who found something that totally works and is looking to share it with those who will find it valuable.

Who this course is for:

  • Busy parents and professionals who struggle to find time for an effective exercise routine.
  • Anyone interested in learning a new style of exercise.
  • Anyone wanting to get started with strength training.
  • People without access, time, or interest in joining a gym.


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