System Analysis & Design

System Analysis & Design


  • Small concepts of Object Oriented though we will cover most of them


The aim of this course is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to undertake a system analysis investigation by following a recognized methodology. System analysis and design is a process that many companies use to evaluate particular business situations and develop ways to improve them through more optimal methods. Companies may use this process to reshape their organization or meet business objectives related to growth and profitability. System analysis and design is the foundation course to System Analyst Career. The learning outcomes of this extraordinary career are;

->Explain what systems are and how they are developed

->Describe the phases of the systems development life cycle.

->Develop and evaluate system requirements.

->Work effectively in a team environment.

->Describe the role and responsibilities of the systems analyst in the development and management of systems.

->Explain the need for and value of a formalized step-by-step approach to the analysis, design, and implementation of computer information systems.

->Use tools and techniques for process and data modeling.

->Describe the role and responsibilities of the participants in information systems development.

->Develop a feasibility analysis of a proposed system.

->Develop and deliver a Requirements Definition Proposal for a new system in a well-structured business proposal.

->Explain the common ways projects fail and how to avoid these failures.

->Implement various project management tools.

Who this course is for:

  • System analysts & Software Engineers,


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