Tableau from Scratch for Data Science and Business Analytics

Tableau from Scratch for Data Science and Business Analytics


  • Basic Knowledge of using Computer
  • Basic Knowledge of various Charts and Graphs
  • No Programming Experience needed


  • This course is primarily designed to teach Tableau (A power BI tool and a visual analytics platform transforming the way we use data to solve problems—empowering people and organizations to make the most of their data) and to train you to be a Tableau Developer.
  • It comprises of Introduction to Tableau, its basics (Measures and Dimensions, Loading Data, loading workbooks, Navigating through Tableau, Tableau Desktop GUI, Drag-Drop feature), Tableau Desktop Installation guide, connecting Data Sources to Tableau, Reference lines, trend lines, forecasting, filtering, sorting, aggregation, creating calculated fields, worksheets and formatting your visualizations, creating compelling visualizations Tableau, scatter plots, Date-time, symbol maps, dual-axis graphs, and geometric visualizations (Map Visualizations), Creating and Navigating a Business story, Building your first interactive and Beautiful Dashboard using Tableau, in-course exercises, etc.
  • Tableau doesn’t require you to know how to program or code, it can be easily used by any non-programmer to convey business stories to anybody like the company’s stakeholders, investors, etc.
  • Anybody can easily learn Tableau through this course which acts like a step-by-step tutorial for the same hence anybody could opt for this course like Beginners curious about Data Science, Anyone who wants to learn Tableau, Visualizations and Dashboards using Tableau, Tableau Desktop Specialist, Data Visualization, Tableau Certified Data Analyst, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Business Analytics, Python Developer curious about Data science, etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody can opt for this course (also non-programmers)
  • Beginners curious about Data Science
  • Anyone who wants to Learn Tableau
  • Anyone who wants to Learn about Visualizations and Dashboards using Tableau
  • Anybody Interested In Tableau Desktop Specialist
  • Anybody Interested In Data Visualization
  • Anybody Interested In Tableau Certified Data Analyst
  • Anybody Interested In Business Intelligence
  • Anybody Interested In Data Mining
  • Anybody Interested In Business Analytics
  • Python Developer curious about Data science



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