Taekwondo Intermediate Level – Korean Martial Arts Karate

Taekwondo Intermediate Level – Korean Martial Arts Karate


  • Students will be involved in a physical activity as part of P.E. This course advises students of any potential hazards (including, but not limited to, needing an open workout space, a water bottle if needed, and adequate stretching beforehand) as well as injuries that can occur if not properly supervised.


This flexible course gives you the opportunity to complete each chapter technique at the most convenient time for you throughout the day/week/month/year.  Classes are not live with the master in real-time, but videos created by the master or posted by the master are pre-recorded and can be paused and replayed however many times you like or need to throughout the full life time access of the course.  Students will also complete and turn in assignments at the end of each chapter technique for their belt testing online.

The Learning Objectives Are Student-Centered.  This program provides comprehensive exposure to current applications related to the martial arts such as: Positive mental attitude, Korean terminology, & Culture of respect and also Kicking combination, Self defense, Form, and Breaking techniques.  We have designed martial arts programs to make students of all ages and fitness levels more interested, but we have not changed any of the actual content.  So, you will be learning the real Korean martial arts.  As such, you will prepare the black belt test and it will provide the major internationally recognized certificate recognized by the World Governing Bodies have the value at full International Olympic level and the world class level.

The Ideas of the Breakdown: you can focus of each instruction.

1 – Focus on the basic Korean terminology

2 – Focus on how to start and end the class

3 – Focus on the kicking combination

4 – Focus on the self defense

5 – Focus on the form

6 – Focus on the breaking

7 – Review the present chapter techniques & BAT

8 – Start the new chapter and do it same as above

LIFE TIME – Consistent practice and review all learning objectives

Students can record themselves doing the technique we learn each week and post it.  I will provide positive and encouraging feedback to each student.  There are 10 Chapters to complete the black belt program.  Once students complete the 10 chapters, they are ready for their Black Belt Test (BBT). 

Wear something comfortable (shorts, sweatpants, and a t-shirt will do/ no sneakers needed, no other equipment is needed at this time).  Get excited!  Encourage the use of a desktop, laptop computer, or TV scree for a better

Who this course is for:

  • You need to complete the beginner level before this program.
  • This course offers Korean Martial Arts Taekwondo programs to students of all ages and fitness levels.


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