Tai Chi to Strengthen Bones, Halt Bone-thinning Osteoporosis

Tai Chi to Strengthen Bones, Halt Bone-thinning Osteoporosis


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The health experts at Harvard Medical School have published “Osteoporosis: A Guide to Prevention and Treatment”, a Special Health Report filled with evidence-based practical steps to help you strengthen your bones and prevent life-altering fractures.

As we grow older, we may loss the bone mass even we did not realize it.  The older we get, the more likely we are to have our bones weakened by osteoporosis (literally “porous bone” a disease that causes the bones to become weaker and easily broken ) — making us more susceptible to potentially devastating fractures.

According Harvard Medical School “Osteoporosis: A Guide to Prevention and Treatment”, report which pop out in my email as a newsletter, this paragraph catching my eyeball:

“Simple bone-protecting exercises

You may know that exercise can help strengthen your bones and improve your coordination and balance, but you may not know how quick and EASY these exercises can be! Your Special Report reveals the exercises that work best to prevent and treat osteoporosis — including 10 simple, clearly-illustrated exercises you can do in your living room.”

Harvard Medical School has recommended Tai chi  as “the Best exercise for balance” and “One of the best 5 exercises you can ever do”. I like to ready their report as a way to improve my medical terminology. At the the same time, I am thinking to contribute my 30 years Tai Chi practice in line with the professional medical team to benefit more people. Here is my part: Simple and Safe Tai Chi Exercise to Strengthen Your Bones, Halt Bone-thinning Osteoporosis and Protect your mobility.

I will choose few basic movements in Tai Chi, to apply it, repeat it and simply it as a normal workout routine.

Who this course is for:

  • Who want to do Exercise which plays a dual role in fighting the effects of osteoporosis
  • Who want to preserve the bone strength you still have.
  • Who want to improve coordination and balance
  • Who want to prevent the falls that could lead to fractures

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