Technical Java Interview Prep for IT professionals

Technical Java Interview Prep for IT professionals


  • Basic Programming/Coding experience is needed. You will learn how to write your programs and what platforms you can use.
  • We need you to have core java programming understanding of primitive data types and conditional statements, a little understanding of Arrays, for loops. The rest will be easy since you will build your own portfolio from ground up.
  • We will use onecompiler website( onecompiler .com ) to write codes. We recommend if you sign in with your preferred gmail account, onecompiler will then save all your codes in your account.
  • Understand a little about text based coding in case you have to write code in text editors(less likely but still is a case in some companies).
  • Although, we may not use block based coding , this course is intended for any age beginners who knows basic java and highly recommended.
  • No worries if you have no programming experience, join our discord group to get help how to get started.
  • You should know how to use Primitive data types, if-else, switch case, for loop, while loop and similar statements. Join Discord to ask questions as needed.


Hello. We have been waiting for you. Welcome. Now that you are here, let’s begin. Thank you for being here.

Java has been in the IT field for years. By coding hands on as you watch video lessons, you will gain the skills to Solve given problems in java that may show up in the interviews. Some lessons may be from recent interviews collected from the local community. We aim to create a discord community to crowdsource technical java interview information. Time to time, add in resources to the course and use a discord server to discuss current and past frequently asked interview questions. Host live events to help beginners learn more about java interview questions. Provide insights regarding solving the technical coding problems.

Create a code resource depot using submitted input interview problems (in near future after forming the discord 7 to 77+ server). Anyone in the IT field can join. Anyone else who wants to pursue a career as an IT professional can join and be exposed to the coding field. Join surveys sent to the discord community and submit your interview questions. Optionally ask the community to help solve the problems. Meet new people and see how they solve a coding challenge versus others.

Enjoy watching 11+ hours of lessons, and know that I have spent 77+ hours plus a decent number of weekends to produce these valuable lesson contents. This course will wisely grow bigger and better with the discord community. Thank you for your participation. You rock!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has a some coding experience can sharpen their technical skillset in this course.
  • Anyone who want to land a job in IT field can join and learn a few good tips and tricks to use in the job interviews. Technical interview prep course will provide help with lessons, videos and interactive content.
  • Beginners who has no programming experience can still benefit from this program, however, I request you join our live events to learn more about what you can do.
  • Young programmers can also learn programming after they complete a mini MIT- scratch, code monkey, microbit makecode or code academy courses. That is the foundation of programming.
  • Java is mostly anywhere in the IT industry
  • Know javascript? Say this course is a good addition to your skillset.
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