The Basics of Mind Mechanics – Thoughts 101

The Basics of Mind Mechanics – Thoughts 101


  • The desire to change.
  • A strong clear understanding why you need to grow and change.


“You are where your thoughts are so make sure your thoughts are where you want to be!” – Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, 19th century Jewish psychologist and mystic. In this course you will learn how thoughts create emotions, which in turn create reactions. We will teach a system filled with highly practical and highly effective tools. We teach about autopilot reactions and how to get better outcomes in the situations in your life. This material is helpful for anger, anxiety, guilt, fear, shame, sadness and many other emotions. Your emotions result from the way you look at things. Before you can experience any feeling, you must process it with your mind and give it meaning. The way that you understand what is happening influences how you feel about it. To the degree that your thinking about a given event is biased in any way, your feelings may be that much more intense, which will make it that much harder to act in a way that is helpful. We all have autopilot reactions and ways of responding that bring certain results to us and others. What are your automatic reactions to this challenging situation in front of you right now? How do you normally handle or react to this kind of situation? Do you try to avoid it? Do you yell? Do you eat or not eat? These are examples of how you respond when “Auto is Flying the Plane!”

Who this course is for:

  • Struggling with worry and anxiety
  • Attempting to overcome anger and frustration
  • With an intense inner critic or loads of self critical thoughts
  • Someone who wants to learn the basic mechanics of the mind


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