The Big 3 Battles: Eating, Sleeping, and Cleaning Up Toys

The Big 3 Battles: Eating, Sleeping, and Cleaning Up Toys


  • There are no requirements for taking this course, although you will find it helpful if you are currently caring for at least one young child.


This course is intended to help support parents, grandparents, foster parents, and other caregivers as they navigate three of the biggest battles- getting their child to eat, sleep, and clean up their toys. You will be introduced to three strategies that can be applied to each of these battles, and then work on creating your own battle plan for supporting your child through these tough times of day.

We will look at 3 of the most common issues parents complain about in each battle area. For eating, we’ll look at the child who is not willing to try new things, the one always hungry for snacks but not for a meal, and the slow eater. For sleeping, we’ll discuss how to work with the child who won’t go to bed, the one who won’t stay in bed, and the who cannot fall asleep without an adult with them. Then, we’ll go over how consistency, repetition, and teamwork can help make clean up time easier and less dramatic. Lastly, you will have the chance to create your own plan for one issue you would like to work on with your child.

Each section comes with added resources such as online articles, blog posts, and printable pages you can customize to your needs.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for anyone working with, living with or caring for young children; parents, grandparents, childcare workers, teachers, foster parents, babysitters, nannies, etc.


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