The Big 5 Guitar Techniques -Ultimate Muscle Memory Builder

The Big 5 Guitar Techniques -Ultimate Muscle Memory Builder


  • You’ll need a guitar.
  • Willingness to practice the concepts explained in the course.


Often misunderstood and overlooked, the physical aspect of playing guitar and the understanding on how to develop great technique, can dramatically improve your playing and tone.

This is the stuff that’s between the notes that is not about theory, but about the understanding that a great player needs a strong foundation in order to keep getting better.

The same way that a pro athlete needs to understand the correct motion and then through repetition, they achieve great results. Playing the guitar and isolating these few concepts, that are often counter intuitive, can open new doors in our playing.

This course focuses on the fretting hand, where we make the contact with the strings. Here we will break down each of these techniques: Vibrato, Bending, Sliding, Hammer-Ons, and Pull-Offs. We will explore the direct connection between getting the right movement and as a result the best possible execution and tone.

One of the coolest aspects here will be putting everything together and see how all these techniques connect and support each other. We will learn how to optimize the left hand to get the best tone and intonation out of these 5 extremely important concepts in guitar playing.

This course was designed to cut straight to the chase. But don’t let the fact that it’s a short course fool you, the information here is not often found elsewhere.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners that want to develop great habits from the get go
  • Intermediate players that still struggle with some of these techniques
  • Advanced players that may feel the need to revisit some of the fundamentals and view them from a new, deeper perspective


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