The Christian way to a healthier lifestyle!

The Christian way to a healthier lifestyle!


  • Your going to need determination and readiness for the work that your going to have to put into this. Have a notebook and pen to put together your goals and your workouts. You need to know how to perform exercises with whatever equipment you chose to use.


This course is for the individual that does not know where to start on their fitness journey. I will be teaching you how to begin your journey so that you will have an opportunity to achieve you fitness goals. The information in this course is structured to help you move through your fitness journey in a Christian way. This information is to be used and reviewed for a lifetime. The Christian way to a healthier lifestyle is an on going life change one that will continue to help you grow healthier, stronger and better.

The course starts with learning to put God first, Spiritual. Then I teach you about your thoughts and how they effect you, Mental. I talk to you about your feeling and the impact they have on your journey, Emotions. Then I tell you about your body and what makes it move in the direction that it is going, Physical. I will help you build your goals. Put your goals down in a chart form. You will also learn how to build a team, who they are and why they are important. And I go over what I call Creative Effort. Something we all need. The last lecture will be about putting it all together!!!!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for the beginner. The person that hasn’t worked out in years this course is for you. If your having trouble starting a fitness journey this course is for you.

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