The Complete Guide of Maths fundamentals

The Complete Guide of Maths fundamentals


  • No prerequisite, a student requires only notebook and pen to practice the questions and learn the concept


This course covers:

1. Number System : Decimal numbers are used in general, how to write numbers using place value , write numbers in words , Expanded form of a number, What is Roman numbers , write decimal numbers into Roman numbers and vice-versa.

2. Whole Numbers : Numbers starts with 0. Multiplication and Division of whole numbers, properties hold by whole numbers       such as commutative , Associative , closure , identity by operations addition , subtraction , multiplication , division, statement problems with many examples.

3. Integers : represents numbers with positive and negative numbers , addition and subtraction on integers , represents integers on number line, arrange the integers , properties(such as commutative , Associative , closure , identity) hold by integers operations , statement problems related to integers

4. Fractions : Numbers represents in numerator and denominator form , Types of fractions(Like , Unlike , proper , improper), arrange the fractions , represents fraction on number line , simplest form of fractions , operations such as addition , subtraction , multiplication and division )

5. Factors and multiples : : Introduction ,LCM , HCF , Prime no.s , prime fractoriation,  Divisibility test from 2 to 11 , statement problems of LCM and HCF

6. Linear Equation : Introduction , solve using trial and substitution method , statement problems

7. Ratio and proportion:  compare two objects with ratio and compare two ratio with proportion

8. Algebraic Equation: an expression represents in variables and constant form,  all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn basic mathematics
  • Students preparing for competition exam can learn fundamental or basic of Maths


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