The Complete Guide to learn Tabla- Indian drums Step by Step

The Complete Guide to learn Tabla- Indian drums Step by Step


  • Have the passion to learn and devote time in practice after the lectures.
  • Have a Tabla set at your disposal to practice along and after the lecture.
  • If you like listening to music and tabla or any other percussion instrument,learning to play that becomes much easier automatically.
  • Anyone who likes Light Indian Classical Music which is relaxing.


We all have been looking to learn this subtle sounding hand drum called tabla the prefect way. The search will end here!.

Presenting you my Course which will make your tabla learning easier and catch up quickly as you go through the course.

From the basics to advancing more to the Taals. You will start playing within minutes and also practice yourself.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone enthusiastic about music in general and developing this art of playing this ancient Indian hand drums called Tabla.
  • Once a person plays this instrument,he/she can play any percussion instrument in the world.



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