The Complete Linear Motion Course


Structure of the course:

Part 1 – Theory

  • Introduction to Vectors and Scalars
  • Displacement
  • Calculating Average speed and velocity
  • Calculating instantaneous speed and velocity
  • What is acceleration and formulas
  • Formula to calculate linear motion

Part 2 – Real practice questions

Part 3 – Real practice exam

Real practice Problems:

Problem 1: Calculating time and distance with a dry road a car with good tyres.

Problem 2: Find an actual position of a car travel.

Problem 3: The change in velocity of the car if the car reduced speed in the same direction.

Problem 4: Julia driving her car problems to help her to calculate acceleration.

Problem 5: Calculate acceleration of a tram.

Problem 6: Calculate the speed and distance of a car in a given time.

Problem 7: Calculate the velocity of conveyor belt in a given length.

Problem 8: Calculate the final speed of a drunk driver with the given time.

Problem 9:  Estimate if a taxi driver succeed in getting to his destination on time.


If you want to be an expert in linear motion and understand about the linear motion, then this is the course you need.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to learn linear motion.

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