The Definitive Guide To Spiritual Psychic Awareness

The Definitive Guide To Spiritual Psychic Awareness


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The Definitive Guide To Spiritual Psychic Awareness

Understanding and developing your four main Clair’s, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance.

We all have psychic abilities and these amazing spiritual gifts differ and vary in all of us. Some may see, some may feel, others may hear and for some it is that deep inner knowing. Imagine if we could bring your spiritual gifts to life today.

Meditation for me has changed my life and has been the key to unlocking so many aspects of my life and it certainly has helped me develop and walk this spiritual path.

The ability to develop your Clairs on this course will also help you to develop your mind and give it a discipline and love that will have a wonderful affect on your wellbeing.

We are all walking this wonderful journey and it is in many ways in or minds the connection with the outer world and the spiritual realm, but the truth is it is a journey of self exploration it is a tool for deeper awareness information and you developing your own soul to be the true you.

We will be doing many meditations in this course and they will all focus on one of the four main Clairs we are going to work on and always remember meditation is the foundation to self and the worlds around us.

Each section will have a look at your gifts in detail, how you can use them and then a meditation to allow us to further develop you ability and gift.

Join me today and step into your true energy, your true psychic self, allow your soul to breathe, see yourself as the confident spiritual light you are.

I am so blessed to have helped over 35,000 students here on Udemy, let me walk this path with you.

Be Love Give Love

Julian x

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