The Herbalism & Herbology World Encyclopedia Made Easy

The Herbalism & Herbology World Encyclopedia Made Easy


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You will learn about 50+ herbs and plants which are available for you to use in your life. You will also learn about the origins of some of the forms of natural medicine such as any one of these: I have undertaken university level study on human anatomy, chemistry, high school physics and have had the pleasure of using natural therapies in my day to day life!

This course was created to teach people about the different types of herbs and plants available worldwide and provides you with a simple guide that you can keep in hand at times when you need it.

Some of the plants and herbs included in this encyclopedia include but not limited to:

· Lotus

· Yarrow

· Ginger

· Cypress

· Willow Herb

· Tea Plant

· Coffee

· Rose

· Primrose

· Jasmine

· Daisy

· Nettle

· Marshmallow Plant

· Catnip

· Patchouli

· & more!

Plants and herbs have great medicinal values. Little do people know that major pharmaceutical products use some of the constituents found in plants and herbs. Some plants and herbs are used to make life changing medications and supplements. This course provides you with a video list of some of the important herbs and plants in the world and the benefits associated with them!


– Herbology

– Herbalism

– Botany

Who this course is for:

  • Those interested in Herbalism & Natural Medicine


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