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The Jungle


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Looking for inspiration to get creative with your child? Wanting to spice up helping them to learn their maths and English? Then look no further.

For the past 20+ years I have worked in a huge range of educational and childcare settings; a teaching assistant, an NVQ assessor, with children with profound educational needs, as a childminder, as the founder of Clara James Tutoring.

I have put ideas that I have picked up over these past 20 years and put them together in the Jungle. There are activities to help with the times tables, to write projects, create amazing paragraphs using a wide range of grammatical techniques.

Let explain it in more detail:

Roll the dice.

The number you roll dictates the sentence you write. So, if you roll a:

1) Write a sentence using 2 adjectives to describe your parrot. (Adjectives are words which describe the parrot/ object such as colours, sizes, numbers, textures, etc)

2) Write a prepositional sentence (write a sentence explaining the position of the sentence -using terms such as in, on, near, under, etc.

3) Put the parrot in a sentence that contains alliteration (repetition of words that start with the same sound).

4) Use a proper noun in this sentence (a proper noun is a name, so for example the name of the parrot, the place where he lives, unlikely in this scenario but you might use a brand)

5) Write a sentence using a verb and an adverb to describe what he likes doing (a verb is a doing word. The adverb describes the doing word and often ends in “ly”)

6) For the final sentence how about using a simile? This is when you compare something to something else using like or as. Examples of this could be: He was a colourful as a rainbow, so was as quiet as a mouse, etc

Once you have your 6 sentences about your parrot, tweak them slightly to form a paragraph. The paragraph should make an amazing example of a descriptive paragraph about your bird.

These all come hand in hand with creating elephants from milk bottles, stained-glass window parrots, scary spiders, slithering snakes.

The ideas are here to be tweaked and adapted to suit you and your own child and every single one of them can be created on a very tiny budget.

So, if you are looking to get inspired and get going, this course is just for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Parents of primary aged children or those working with children in that age range


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