The Power Of Self-Confidence

The Power Of Self-Confidence


  • You don’t need any specific abilities to learn this course. However, I suggest to use a quiet space, use headset, set the captions, take notes and go back to them every time you feel it.


Do self-doubt and fear stop you from achieving your ambitions and dreams?

Do you question your actions often?

Do you avoid taking risks because you are afraid of failing?

Do you quickly give up?

Are you afraid that if you try anything new, others will criticize/humiliate you?

If your response is “yes’ to at least one question, then this course is for you! This course will help you create the extraordinary life, the life you deserve!

I hope I will teach you how to change from being a timid person to someone who actively pursues their goals, regardless of your personality or situation.

I am writing this course because when I describe myself by using adjectives, self-confident is on the list, pretty much close to the top – I always had self confidence, I always helped people to be more confident, mostly in 101 and small groups setting and I now feel it’s time for me to help as many people as possible.

Self-confidence is less associated with arrogance and has more in common with internal strength. I want to teach you speak up, I want to teach you your opinions matters and I want to teach you it is okay to be wrong or to make mistakes. I am aware that when you are going through a self-confidence struggle, it may feel that you are the only one experiencing difficulties and that everyone else is doing absolutely fine. But, you are not alone and this course will empower you; and also the best part is that you’re perfectly normal.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for anybody who wants to boost his or her confidence, learn new techniques to be more confident in order to become more successful at work, in business and in life in general.



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