The Power Of Your Mind

The Power Of Your Mind


  • No Metaphysical Knowledge Needed
  • Come with an open mind, this course is an introduction.


This course provides a metaphysical understanding of the power of “simple” thought. This course is intended to support those who want to live a higher quality of life.  This is an introductory level course into a vast subject. We will start with some important basics. We will discuss the Law of Attraction, the results of prayer and meditation, and more. There will be exercises to build your self-awareness and to give you a practical way to know where you really want to go in life and how you may be holding yourself back from it. In life, especially this day and age, it can be easy to get distracted and follow the masses to mediocrity. That is not your birthright. You are meant to live a life that has gratitude, happiness, and success at its core. You are meant to be freely and authentically yourself. You are meant to follow your inner intuitive voice, it wants to lead you down a path of least resistance.

Stay Tuned for hidden gems in the Resource section of each lesson. This course was created for you to have more confidence, more control over how long it takes to get where you are going, and to really take responsibility for the trajectory of your life. You deserve to feel as important and as special as you are to the Divine Plan. This course will help you start the journey of fine tuning your mind, then, your life. Feel free to take advantage of all the tools this course will have within your reach.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to grow as a person and be more effective in life
  • Anyone tired of letting life happen to them
  • Anyone who deals with Anxiety and/or Depression
  • Anyone tired of working hard for what they want without results


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