The Rehabilitation of Love in Neuro-Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation of Love in Neuro-Rehabilitation


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Love, connection and emotional relationships between couples is commonly adversely affected following brain injury (traumatic brain injury, stroke and other forms of ABI). Couples may either face separation or ongoing cohabitation in an environment of stress, conflict and heart-break.

While this need may be prioritised by survivors and/or their partners, this is not a common focus of brain injury services and many clinicians, researchers and students feel ill-equipped to support couples relationships after brain injury. Neuro-rehabilitation typically focuses on independence of the survivor, not inter-dependence, emotional connection between people or the rehabilitation of love. On the other hand, important work to support hear-break and safe separation can leave clinicians uncertain as to how to proceed.

This course will use dydactic learning (theories, overview of relevant literature and key concepts) and case studies to offer useful concepts and tools to understand and support relationship distress following brain injury. Ideas from neuroscience, brain injury rehabilitation and couples therapy are summarised and introduced in an accessible manner.

Please note elements of this course are already included within the wider course: Family, Couples & Relationship Work in Neuro-rehabilitation. This course has 3 additional case studies to explore the use of the EFT couples model in neuro-rehabilitation in more detail.

Who this course is for:

  • Neuro-rehabilitation clinicians and students


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