The Stock Market Trading Guide by G Dafry ( Sanister)

The Stock Market Trading Guide by G Dafry ( Sanister)


  • No programming knowledge required . Any one can view and learn this course .


This course is for beginners as well as advanced learners . Lot of things will be covered in this course .

How to invest in a stock market from your own country . There are different set of regulations for that and how to know that how you can go and invest in the stock market listed companies . Is the traditional way of investing is better or the electronic trading of the shares is better . What has led to the electronic share market formation .

You will receive an insight into bid and ask , why it is crucial and what exactly is a bid and ask . Should you go for market orders or bid and ask and also we have explained the bid and ask situations . Why that is important key level entry for you .

You come to know about the bear and bullish market and how to know weather the market is bearish . A market is bullish or bearish is an important thing and how you can figure out the bullish or bearish market .

Additional indices are there which carries a lot of info and how to use indices to enter the market and exit the market . The indices are a key area and we have covered about the indices . 

In less than 1 hour , you can start trading in a stock market . The course has been designed in such a way .

Who this course is for:

  • Persons interested in investing in stock market .


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