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You love fashion, but can you transform that talent into a successful styling business? Being a stylist demands business savvy and entrepreneurial know-how. The biggest pitfall of aspiring stylists is not their visual technique or lack of fashion industry knowledge — it’s insufficient business skills and a failure to create a game-plan to practically apply and market their talent.

The Style School takes a thoughtful, conscious approach to launching your personal styling and image consulting business. You’re going to be helping real people with real problems, so we believe the way you approach these human-centered business matters — to you, and your clients. The Style School never forgets that how you work is as important as what you offer.

Starting a successful styling company is no different than any other startup — it requires structure, discipline, and an entrepreneurial mindset (and a whole lot of heart). The Sociology of Style “Style School” helps you combine your passion for fashion with the same skills that launch billion-dollar startups. You have the talent, now get the business edge and start monetizing your skills.

Why Style School?

Starting your own styling business is tough, and those first few months (or years) take patience and discipline to break into the market. But you don’t have to do it alone. Anna Akbari, Ph.D. launched her successful image consulting company in 2008. But that wasn’t the start of her journey. She’s worked in the industry and studied the sociological significance of appearance for the last 15 years. And while it wasn’t always easy, she managed to developing a thriving consultancy with no startup capital. The Style School connects you directly with Anna and lets you tap into the lessons and insider knowledge that took her years to accumulate. When you enroll in the Style School, you gain a partner and mentor as you launch your own business.

What you get:

This course arms you with the specific business knowledge needed to lay the foundation and launch a successful personal styling career.

  • Video Tutorials: Lifetime access to the Style School video tutorials. Move at your own pace and revisit any of the tutorials as needed. Each section includes a checklist and helpful resources to get you started.

Video Tutorials:

This course is laid out in 4 sections, each with their own corresponding exercises that allow you to apply what you learn to your own company. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • In Part 1 we’ll lay the foundation. I’ll share my own style journey and philosophy and help you dig deep to understand why you want to do this work in the first place (and why that matters).
  • In Part 2 I’ll help you identify your target market and stop wasting time catering to people who aren’t a fit for your services.
  • In Part 3 you’ll develop your own proprietary, comprehensive process — you’ll learn how to describe it and to how to communicate its value to your potential clients.
  • In part 4 you’ll monetize and market. You’ll learn to calculate the value of your own time and create packages that serve both you and your clients. You’ll also construct a realistic marketing plan that works for your budget and skillsets.

The Style School encourages you to ask big questions before you can get big results. It’s not gimmicky — it’s real. And it’s that juicy realness that will attract — and keep — your potential clients. If you pour yourself into this process, you will come out more confident, well-equipped, and profitable.

Meaningful work is a key ingredient to a happy life. You can improve the lives of others while you deepen fulfillment in your own life. Start today with The Style School.

Who this course is for:

  • People of all ages and stages of life can benefit from this course.


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