The Three.JS Primer

The Three.JS Primer


  • Basic JavaScript knowledge is assumed


Three.JS is the most popular Open Source JavaScript library for displaying 3D content on the web, giving you the power to display incredible models and visualisations in your browser and even on your smartphone!

Displaying 3D content in a browser involves using the WebGL api. But the library takes care of all the complex details leaving you able to think in terms of models, cameras and lights.

This short free course begins with a 3D beginner-level primer to 3D concepts and some basic examples to get you started with the most important features that Three.JS has to offer. You’ll learn how to quickly create a scene, camera, and renderer and how to add meshes using the Geometry primitives included with the library. You’ll find out how to use the online Three.JS Editor which will help as you learn to use the library. You’ll learn about materials, lights and how to load a complex model you may find from an online store.

This is a quick introduction to the most important features of the library. After completing the course you will have a basic understanding of how to use Three.JS in your own Web Apps. A skill greatly in demand.

Student feedback:

“A really good starting point to a confusing topic”

“A refreshing introduction to three.js! Highly recommend.”

Who this course is for:

  • Those wanting to learn ThreeJS fundamentals quickly


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