Third Eye Awakening

Third Eye Awakening


  • A curious mind and open heart is all you need


Have you ever wanted to be PSYCHIC? (a little secret, you already are!)

If you are reading this post, YOU ARE PART OF A MASS AWAKENING….

Beginners and even the most advanced metaphysical “Gurus” are experiencing this RIGHT NOW, as cosmic energies are opening a center of your body designed to give you a much higher level of awareness.

In this training & activation, I share an incredible personal story of how this happened to me. Something HUGE dropped into my field that changes the game.

But first, let’s talk about what happens when this center of awareness starts opening. If you’ve noticed any of these “symptoms”

Join me in this transformational Masterclass!

1. Increased pressure in your temples (growing pains)
2. Increased awareness of subtle energy
3. Your life begins to take on new meaning
4. Cravings for different food
5. Increased sensitivity to light or sound
6. Your dreams become more vivid
7. You begin to understand things that used to baffle you
8. You notice synchronicity and mirror numbers

These are all signs your THIRD EYE is opening more fully and when this happens, the doorway to infinite intelligence is at your fingertips.
Imagine being 10X smarter than you are right now. Imagine being able to follow the breadcrumbs that are currently inviting you to reinvent yourself, seamlessly. With confidence and clarity that you’re on the right path and not having a mid-life crisis.

If you’ve wondered how you can get messages from your Akashic Records (the realm of intelligence where every detail of your past, present, and future can be downloaded to you) there are simple exercises you can do that will open your gateway to this realm.

And, I’m going to show you what they are…Join me where I break it all down.

Who this course is for:

  • Souls waking up to their spiritual selves
  • Spiritually curious
  • Dark night of the soul


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