Time management for success at work and in life!

Time management for success at work and in life!


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CDH Education Inc is an education service company. We help students succeed.  We provide SOFT SKILLS in an innovative and fun way. We realize that students do not know what they don’t know and what they don’t know can hurt their chances for success.

We have developed this innovative and current workshop series to help manage time better.

Time can be difficult to manage!  Let’s face it, many of us procrastinate.  However, if procrastination or lack of time management skills is stopping you from getting ahead in life, then this course is for you!

Come and learn how to manage your time more effectively? CDH Education Inc, Time Management course will help you!

This course is designed for students who need to manage their time better.  Students will learn how to manage their time well so that they can be more successful in life! 

students will:

  1. answer questions about time their time management style
  2. complete a time management questionnaire
  3. learn how to develop better time management skills
  4. Be prepared to manage time better in the workplace and in life.

Upon completion of the course, students are encouraged to enroll in other courses by CDH Education Inc.

1. Money Management

2. Stress Management

3. Goal Setting

4. Public Speaking

5. Overcoming Speech Anxiety

And many more…

Who this course is for:

  • – Learners wanting to manage time better
  • – Learners in College
  • – Learners in the workplace
  • And learner who want to change their life!



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