To be binge free – creating a better relationship with food

To be binge free – creating a better relationship with food
Creating a better relationship with food


Some say binge eating is emotional and you have to transform and solve all of your emotional issues in order to stop. Others say it is purely habitual and it should be attacked from a neuroplasticity standpoint. Here in this course I offer techniques for both approaches and more. Disordered eating is a complex issue and should be approached from multiple angles – exactly what this course does.

You will learn about the habit formation, about the emotional needs it fulfills, about the much broader and deeper mindset and language shifts that could help you go back to normal eating. Your mindset and the way you define who you are, the way you measure your self worth and the way you deal with uncertainty are all connected to your eating behaviors and therefore must be addressed when an eating problem is present. The course is based on addressing and solving the underlying issues that support disordered eating problems in each of those aspects. You will learn a new way of eating, free from restrictions and aimed at making you feel comfortable in your own skin.

The course has a workbook with journal space for each chapter, designed to help you analyze and retain any insights you might have. In the same workbook there are writing exercises for some chapters that will be your homework and help you experience the mindset shifts that lead toward healing.

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