Tools Of Media Manipulation [Part 1]

Tools Of Media Manipulation [Part 1]


  • No previous experience needed.


Manipulation tactics work because they address our blind spots, our assumptions and our vulnerabilities.

In this course we will look into how we can be persuaded to adopt certain beliefs through language tricks, subtle suggestions and emotional manipulation.

We will look into how we give away our power in the name of good intentions and we will see how we can take it back.

This is the first part of the Tools of Media Manipulation course in which I discuss the fundamentals of media manipulation and how it relates to our emotional wounds. Before we are able to identify manipulative behavior we need to understand how our mind works and how we form belief.

I intend to create one or two more parts on Media Manipulation in which I will discuss each tool in detail (Labels/Frames, Assuming Reasons, Repetition, Authority Figures, False Opposites, Discrediting Dissent, etc). In the next parts I will also discuss ways of defending ourselves from manipulation tactics.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who is interested in learning how to defend themselves from manipulation tactics.
  • Anyone who is interested in how beliefs and worldviews are formed.

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