Trading Forex,Cryptocurrencies & Stocks intelligently Pro.

Trading Forex,Cryptocurrencies & Stocks intelligently Pro.


  • A basic understanding of English.


This course is intended for intermediate to advanced Technical Analysts who want to improve on their strategies. The class will encourage dealing away with unfruitful strategies and uphold using mindfulness while making decisions. A reasonable amount of focus is put on debunking fake technical strategies that are irrational and inconsistent.

It is a more open dialogue facillitating transparency about using technical analysis and the Results that retail traders get out of it. It discusses conventional approaches and compares them to rational approaches.

This class is a one-stop for learning both technical analysis and fundamental Analysis for three instruments. It also explains free sources of information and how to get the most reliable information.

nb, the information can be used in other securities. The learner is not restricted to stocks, forex and cryptocurrency rather the knowledge can be applied to futures, options, and more…

What you will unlearn.

  1. unreliable conventional support and resistance.
  2. unreliable market patterns.
  3. Improper implications of supply and demand.
  4. superstitions and self-fulfilling prophecies.

What you will learn.

  • Fundamental Analysis for 3 specific Assets: Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, and Forex.
  • Advanced and True supply and demand approach.
  • A clear understanding of market liquidity and regions of high liquidity.
  • The magic of Break and Retest.
  • Risk Management.
  • Psychology and stressing relief suggestions.

What you will get.

2 x Free well-documented Ebooks on the subject of discussion. The ebooks will cover from beginner lever given you are just getting started.

special mentions

audio from- bensound

Who this course is for:

  • Forex ,Stocks,Futures and Cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts.
  • Investors and those interested in financial markets.


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