UiARD UiPath Advanced RPA Developer Exam Prep Nov 2022

UiARD UiPath Advanced RPA Developer Exam Prep Nov 2022


  • 6+ months experience as an RPA Developer
  • Technically proficient and possesses the knowledge/skills to work independently


The UiPath RPA Platform is being called the fastest-growing enterprise company in history. RPA developers are in high demand, and there is a shortage of them worldwide. Because of this, now is the ideal moment to be an RPA Developer with a focus on UiPath.

This course aims to give you the knowledge you need to succeed in your UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 (UiARD) exam. Furthermore, it will also prepare you to use the UiPath Platform effectively for end-to-end automation within your organization.

The UiARD signifies a higher level of knowledge for positions like Citizen Developers, Advanced RPA Developers, Solution Architects, and RPA Architects. In today’s market, this certification is already a MUST for those looking for career improvements in the RPA Area.

Besides, in this course, you will acquire all the necessary principles to comprehend what to anticipate from the Robotic Enterprise Framework (REFramework) template. Additionally, by watching the REFramework template in use, you’ll learn how it functions. The Advanced RPA Developer uses the Robotic Enterprise Framework to independently design and create advanced RPA applications. An ideal candidate for this level should have 6+ months of professional experience creating RPA solutions.

Throughout this course, you will be exposed to all subjects required for the UiARD UiPath Advanced RPA Developer exam, as follow.

  • UiPath Studio
  • Classic Activities and Properties
  • Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework
  • Classic Selectors
  • .NET Classes and Objects
  • Advanced Functions
  • Error Handling and Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Orchestrator Functions

Who this course is for:

  • RPA Developers
  • RPA Architects
  • Solution Designers
  • RPA Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • Process Automation Architects



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