Ultimate Taekwondo Kicking Martial Arts Self Defense Lab

Ultimate Taekwondo Kicking Martial Arts Self Defense Lab


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Discover the best methods for developing speed, power, and accuracy for the most common Taekwondo Kicks that can be utilized for both self defense and martial arts competition!

Teaching since 2012, I’ve had the opportunity to help 100s of students in my own dojangs go from barely kicking above their waist to kicking very efficiently. This course is a brain dump of all my current knowledge and strategies that will help you master the major Taekwondo kicks.

What’s more is that this course is CONSTANTLY updated for students. Meaning, it’s always going to have new and updated information suitable to help you get better at the style of martial arts kicking.

Tell me if this sounds like you….

– You want to kick higher but lack flexibility

– You can’t seem to develop enough power for your Taekwondo kicks

– You’re unsure of how to make your kicks less “choppy”

– You are looking for a course that is CUSTOMIZABLE for YOUR specific problems when it comes to kicking.

Introducing…The Ultimate Taekwondo Kicking Martial Arts Self Defense Lab!

Here’s just SOME of what we will cover!

1. The Spin Hook Kick

Problem: Hitting kick with ankle – Dorsiflex drill

Problem: I’m not finishing my rotation – Ballet spin drill

Problem: I can’t kick high enough – Leg raises

Problem: My spin kick lacks power – 2 inch hip extension drill, throwing a round kick after

Problem: My spin kick is slow – Quick Turns for speed

Problem: My spin hook kick is telegraphed – Kick without pivot drill

2. The Back Kick

Problem: I keep hitting with the ball of my foot – Dorsiflex Drill

Problem: I can’t lift up my knee that high – Side kick chamber drill

Problem: My kick lacks accuracy – Heel point drill

Problem: My kick is very weak – Split squats, wall chamber, sliding the foot

Problem: My kick is really slow – Fast turns for speed

Problem: My back kick is telegraphed – Kicking without the pivot

3. The Scissor Kick

Problem: I lack the flexibility to kick high – Progressive kicking combinations

Problem: My kick is telegraphed – Kicking Low, sliding foot progressions

Problem: My kick is very slow – Hip turn drills constant round kick

Problem: I get punched in the face doing this kick – Long guard stance fix

4. The 360 Round Kick

Problem: I keep hitting with my ankle – Dorsiflex drill

Problem: I don’t understand the turn – 360 movement step by step

Problem: I can’t turn my hips mid air – Roll over shoot through

Problem: I can’t time the jump correctly – Slow motion spin kick

Problem: My kick is really slow – turning knees in the air

Problem: My kick lacks power – Pointing the knee to the side, turning hips over

Problem: My kick is very telegraphed – Stay low to the ground, back them to corner


5. The Twist Kick

Problem: My knee doesn’t bend like that – Stretches to increase flexible hips

Problem: I keep hitting with the outside of my foot, is that okay? – Options to hit with

Problem: My kick looks just like a front kick – Slight angle drill

Problem: I can’t kick that high – Wall Drill

Problem: My twist kick lacks power – Snapping drill


6. Axe Kick

Problem: I can’t get my leg up that high – Stretches / Mobility drills

Problem: I don’t know when to throw an axe kick – Cutting angles

Problem: My axe kick feels like a push kick – Crescent and moon kick options to modify


7. Round Kick

Problem: I keep hitting with the inside part of my foot – Turn over drill

Problem: My round kick is weak – Turning bottom foot drill

Problem: I can’t aim correctly with my shin – Wall shin practice

Problem: I can’t get my legs up high enough to head kick – Holding kicks, Swing overs

Problem: My kick is telegraphed – Non-Switch and sliding foot

Problem: I keep hitting with my toes – Dorsiflex drill


8. And More!

This course took over 7+ years to create, and what you get are very direct and powerful lessons that will teach you how to fix the most common kicking mistakes and give you the competitive edge for martial arts competition, or give you a valuable tool that could be used for self defense and save your life.

What makes this course different than so many other martial arts courses on Udemy?

Well for one, like I said, this course is CONSTANTLY updated. You’re becoming part of a tribe of martial artists all striving to get better their Taekwondo kicks and become masters of the art.

PLUS, you’ll be learning “functional” taekwondo, a version that can be utilized for mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, or competitive kickboxing matches.

Rest assured, I’m so convinced you’ll get some amazing benefits from this course which is why

>>>–I offer a 30 day money back guarantee—<<<

Who this course is for:

  • Students who struggle using Taekwondo kicks
  • Students who wish to learn how to apply more power and speed to their martial arts kicking
  • Students who lack flexibility and coordination to throw martial arts kicks


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