Understanding Histogram

Understanding Histogram


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Cover the technical specifics in photography. Video lessons in this series are straightforward and concise. Each Topic will be broken down to easily understandable parts, with each part having the maximum runtime of only 10 minutes to enchance the learning experience. And, it is effective & affordable too.

Each Topic will be broken down to easily understandable parts. On top of that, it is very effective & affordable too. In this course, you will learn how to look at a Photo’s Histogram and identify if there are any issues with the photo, and how to quickly fix them. All by Understanding Histogram.

Course Introduction

Understanding What Histrogram Can Indicate:
– Photo Exposure.
– Subject Exposure.
– How To Correct Your Next Shot.
– Photo Aesthetic Value & Styles.

Photo Exposure
– Learn how to read the Histogram.
– Shadow, Midtone, and Highlight regions.
– How does Histogram tie into dynamic range.
– How the different camera brands interpret Histogram.
– The theoratical “Ideal” Histogram.

Subject Exposure
– Learn how to identify the peaks in a Histogram.
– Matching Histogram your overall image.
– Matching Histogram to your subjects.
– Using Histogram, learn to differentiate between:
– Low Key or Underexposure
– High Key or Overexposure

How To Correct Your Next Shot
– Learn how to quickly correct your next shot using Histogram.
– Understand what is “clipping”.
– Identify a low contrast scene just by using Histogram.

Photo Aesthetic Value & Styles
– Use your knowledge of Histogram to build your own photography styles.
– Instead of exposing for just Midtones, craft light and create stylistic pictures by combining Shadow, Midtones and Highlights.
– Case study of what makes a photo “Pop”.

Who this course is for:

  • Photographers


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