Understanding Trauma: Stuckness in a Trauma Response

Understanding Trauma: Stuckness in a Trauma Response


  • Understanding Trauma: The Basics


This course is built on Understanding Trauma: The Basics. The instructor will walk learners through a quick review of the basics of trauma. After this, learners will take a deeper dive into the impact of trauma both neurologically and behaviorally in order to gain a better understanding of themselves and others.

When an intense stressor or threat happens, a biological cycle occurs to prepare the body for mobilization. However, when this cycle is unable to complete the body will become stuck in the trauma response. When stuck, people might find themselves in a chronic state of either mobilization (fight or flight) or immobilization (freeze or collapse). The instructor will review the areas that “stuckness” can happen in this cycle and then tie together the meaning of unmet needs, the threat response system, and self-protective defenses through the lens of a trauma cycle. Finally, tools are offered to support others and oneself when in this system to move out of stuckness into a complete cycle.

What is primarily taught in your course? Understanding the impact of trauma on the behavioral and biological responses that might come from a survival system. In addition, learners will gain tools to work with the threat response system.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those who are desiring to work in a trauma-informed environment, including group home staff, teachers, medical providers, foster parents, first responders, and mental health providers. Also, anyone who is simply curious about this subject is welcome.


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