Vaccines an effective disease prevention technique

Vaccines an effective disease prevention technique
Vaccines, vaccination schedule , vaccines types


This online course gives you all information about vaccines. vaccination has become the cost effective and effective way to prevent us from disease. The impact of vaccination on the health of people around the world is huge. Vaccination is a deliberate attempt to prevent human from various deadly pandemics. The lecture tells us from history of vaccination to current advancement happening in the field of vaccines. The lecture also teaches you how important is to get vaccinated. vaccination is not a simple technique and it is to be followed as per immunization schedule.  The schedule starts from our birth and continues to a certain age depending upon the place you live. So by enrolling to this course you will get full details regarding immunity types, types of vaccines and vaccination given to prevent disease. Furthermore this course  also gives a better understanding about corona vaccines.

The content and lectures is done by Dr.  Anandu Vijayan who is a public health specialist and a dentist who is fascinated in doing research. This course has been modulated in layman terms so that general public can have a great awareness about vaccine and vaccine schedule.

The most important aspect of this lecture is about the scientific advancements in field of vaccination which gives the latest information in field of vaccines through articles  in this field.

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