Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual Learning Environment


  • Basic understanding of the IT industry
  • Knowledge of the English language


While originally created for distance education, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is now most often used to supplement traditional face-to-face classroom activities commonly known as Blended Learning. These systems usually run on servers, to deliver the course to students on Multimedia and/or Web pages. VLEs are often used in schools and other educational establishments to make the learning experience more interactive.

This course is an introduction into Virtual Learning Environment and gives the student a great introduction to the concepts.

The program has 7 modules with content that combines presentations supported by trainer audio, which can be watched multiple times to fully comprehend the concepts and essential components.

This program prepares you for the VLE exam, providing you with information and useful examples related to the use of VLE Technologies.

Topics covered in this course are:

1. Importance of Virtual Learning Environment

2. Evolution of Virtual Learning Environment

3. Web-based Educational Websites

4. List of Web-based Learning Management Systems

5. eLearning Educational Software

6. Learning Management Systems

7. VLE – Other Systems

What will you learn in this introduction to Virtual Learning Environment Course?

· Learn the important concepts, advantages, and uses of VLE.

· Learn about the importance of Virtual Learning Environment.

· Examine the types and functions of VLE.

· Learn about the various VLE and LMS platforms.

· List of other Educational Software.

A certificate of completion is offered to all students who complete the program.

Who this course is for:

  • Education professionals looking to implement VLE, manage VLE students, and learn more about VLE systems, software, and tools.
  • Educators and students wanting to learn about the benefits and uses of VLE technology and implementation.
  • Businesses wanting to implement VLE into their training procedures.


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