Visibly Improve your Posture and Strengthen your Core

Visibly Improve your Posture and Strengthen your Core


  • Suited for everyone, Yoga and or Pilates experience is a plus
  • A sticky floor or mat is helpful for all functional Yoga poses



The goal of the Corrective Works exercises is a better alignment of the body and greater balance in muscle tone. The exercises aim for greater ease in posture and body use, empowering the body to better respond to the demands we place upon it in everyday life.

I believe, that nobody should be limited by money, time or access to gym equipment to feel energised, become fit and feel sexy. Everyone should be able to live every day to their full physical potential.

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What will you get?

  • Greater strength
  • More ease
  • Bigger range of motion and movement capabilities
  • Increased suppleness
  • Better adaptability to stress and changes in body and mind
  • Improved function of internal organs

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Be part of something bigger

Part of the revenue goes to The Ocean Cleanup. Working out with this course will help bring ocean plastic back on shore and prevent it from entering the oceans in the first place via the world’s great rivers.

Increase your vitality and wellbeing!

Who this course is for:

  • You feel tight in your Hips, Shoulders or Neck and want to regain Suppleness
  • You want to increase Core Tone to support you Back and have a healthy Spine
  • You have little time, no equipment or gym membership and you need to be able to exercise anywhere
  • You want to gain Core Strength in a smart way
  • You’re interested in learning good alignment for Pilates and Yoga


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